What is this all about then?

This is a meet up of like minded people that come together every wednesday night to chat mingle and connect. There are groups currently running regularly in both Glasgow and Dundee ( give Karim a shout if your in Frankfurt ;P ).

What sort of people turn up to this really?

We are mostly a bunch of geeks, most of us are from the game development community or tech industry we also get some students coming along. This is not mandator and we do have people come along from all sorts of backgrounds that just come along for the chat.

Can I come along?

Yes. It's a very simple answer :) The group is open to anyone and new people are more than welcome, just don't expect us to get you a job. We may be able to point you in the right direction this may cost you a beer or two.

Where do you meet?

This is usually different every week, this is up to each individual group as a collective to decide on where to go. You can check twitter feed or the facebook group on the night or the day before to find out where we are.

Where if I live in another city?

Well you could start your own group, just get in touch (bert at bertwednesdays dot com).

What else is going on?

GameDevEd Edinburgh game developers meet up every two weeks.
IGDAScotland Events on game development and a good way to meet local developers.
TechMeetup A monthly excuse for developers and the tech community around Scotland to eat pizza, drink beer (or juice!) and learn new stuff from each other.
PechaKucha Events for creatives to meet, network, and show their work in public. Dundee Edinburgh Glasgow

How did it all start?

@BertMcDowell did not really start all of this, though he did start encouraging a few colleges around 2007 to head out on a wednesday evening for a few beers. This broke up the week and permitted the celebration of the middle of the week over a couple of beers. It has kind of evolved a little since then, though he has been out almost every wednesday since it's start.

Where did the name come from?

As @BertMcDowell was one of the main instigators of this weekly gathering Mr. @SambeauJones decided to nick name it bertwednesdays.

What do i get out of it?

Are you asking about me well I get to meet up with lots of interesting people and make new friends, I also get a chance to help people out either by talking about cool problems or pointing them at someone that might be able to help. Also I get to have a beer or two to break up the week.

Whats happening with the site?

The initial web site was built as away of getting the message out and allow more people involved. It worked pretty well and we have gotten a lot of the local developers socialising with each other. We had a server outage a few years back and this took down the initial Wordpress site that was active, I hope to get a new and improved site back up when I can, every one is more than welcome to pitch in and help get this going.